Kh Marque is very aware of the vital signs of global climate change – rise in sea levels, global temperature rise, shrinking ice sheets in Greenland and Antartic and glacial retreat to name a few.

Kh Marque recognises the way forward is to have a sustainable development in the energy business. In trading biodiesel and collection of wastes and residues, we adhere strictly to the European Union International Sustainability & Carbon Certification ISCC and Italian National Scheme (INS) processes and procedures.

• To contribute in the reduction of GreenHouse Gases (GHG) through our supply chain
• Promote sustainability practices to the local area of all our collection centers
• Create awareness of renewable energies
• Create additional income for local restaurants or road side stalls by buying the Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
• Safe Disposal of UCO / Palm Oil Waste Effluent (POME)

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a net zero future.

Reduce the nation’s and company’s reliance on foreign oil resources

Lower repair costs by proper disposal and recycling collection.

Supporting the local economy and creating more job opportunities.