KH Marque:
Pioneering a NetZero Future

The commitment to achieving net-zero emissions stands as a critical endeavour in combatting climate change and fostering a sustainable future for our planet. This monumental task demands unwavering dedication and concerted action from individuals, communities, and businesses alike. KH Marque, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, stands at the forefront of supporting global net-zero objectives by facilitating the effective disposal and repurposing of used cooking oil.

Shu Fei Zeng, the visionary founder and CEO of KH Marque, emphasizes the collective responsibility in transitioning towards renewable fuels. “We must realize that it’s not solely the responsibility of major corporations to transition to renewable fuels. Everyday consumers, like you and me, can contribute by making simple changes, such as using reusable bags instead ofplastic ones, opting for steel or paper straws, or even recycling used cooking oil into renewable fuels. Every little action matters,” remarks Cheang, underlining the power of individual choices in driving sustainability.

KH Marque embarked on its journey as a used cooking oil collection company, targeting restaurants, food factories, and roadside vendors in Malaysia. Recognizing the wide spread improper disposal practices prevalent in these establishments, the company sought to introduce a newrevenue stream while fostering environmental stewardship through proper waste management.

“Initially, convincing stakeholders, particularly roadside vendors, posed a challenge. However, we found that relating the impacts of climate change to their everyday experiences was the key to gaining their trust,” reflects Zeng on the company’s early challenges and breakthroughs.

Through strategic expansion efforts, KH Marque established two warehouses in Malaysia for processing and cleaning used cooking oil. With leases secured for 21,000 metric tons of storage tanks, the company embarked on supplying cleaned oil to major players in the renewable energy sector for the production of renewable diesel or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Presently, KH Marque collects approximately 15,000 tons of used cooking oil and other waste and residues monthly in Malaysia alone, contributing significantly to the overarching goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

“Our efforts extend globally as we also supply cleaned used cooking oil to other collectors in Europe and the U.S.,” adds Zeng, highlighting the company’s expanding footprint and impact on a global scale.

KH Marque employs efficient oil collection processes facilitated by strategically placed drums at various establishments. Recent investments in a dedicated application have further streamlined collection operations, ensuring seamless documentation and traceability — a crucial requirement, particularly for regulatory compliance.

At the forefront of KH Marque’s operations lies a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible practices, as evidenced by its prestigious ISCC and INS certifications. The company’s participation in the Energy Asia 2023 conference showcased its cutting-edge solutions and garnered widespread acclaim for its dedication to sustainability.

As the world intensifi es its focus on achieving net-zero emissions, KH Marque stands poised as a leader in the renewable energy sector. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, the company continues to pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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