Kh Marque in Energy Asia 2023 promotes Fuel for the Future:


Kuala Lumpur hosted the momentous Energy Asia 2023 from June 26th to 28th, drawing 10,000 attendees from around the World. With the dynamic tagline “Charting Pathways for a Sustainable Asia,” the convention united energy leaders and policymakers to explore green energy solutions and showcased their innovative solutions for a greener and more resilient energy future. Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, graced the occasion as the guest of honour.

The convention aimed to advance energy technology, promote renewable energy adoption, address climate change challenges, and advocate for environmentally responsible policies. Companies showcased cutting-edge technologies, focusing on renewable energy, clean technology, recycling, and energy efficiency solutions.

Kh Marque, a leading sustainable energy company, took center stage at Energy Asia 2023, showcasing revolutionary products and services that repurpose Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into clean biofuels. Kh Marque’s commitment to environmental stewardship and waste transformation impressed attendees.

Kh Marque’s booth stood out, establishing them as sustainable energy leaders. They highlighted their competitive edge with two warehouses, proprietary UCO filtering techniques, and a substantial 21,000mt storage capacity at Port Klang. Being the largest collector and distributor of UCO in Malaysia, their ISCC and INS certifications emphasized their commitment to environmental compliance and responsible practices.

Energy Asia 2023’s success forged strategic partnerships, opening doors for future collaborations and investments. Kh Marque’s innovative UCO products attracted potential clients and investors, while Petronas’ selection of Kh Marque as their primary UCO supplier strengthened their vital customer-supplier relationship.

As the curtains closed on Energy Asia 2023, Kh Marque emerged as an influential contributor to a sustainable future, leaving an indelible mark on the journey towards a greener and more energy-efficient Asia.